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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oops! Maybe I can fix this: additions to previous post

I've tried for hours and hours to include some links and pictures in the post about Tapetes de Lana and Tierra Wools with disatrous results. I don't know where the pictures actually go when Blogger says they have been successfully uploaded! After several sessions where whole segments of the post just upped and disappeared, I decided to just try a kind of P.S. post before the main entry lost all semblance of coherence.
First, the lost links:
Tapetes de Lana

The Yarn Harlot

Now, to try for the pictures!

Tapetes de Lana (from their brochure)

More shots of Abbiquiu Inn:

Los Ojos:

Tierra Wools:

The View from behind Abiquiu Inn:

The Haul from TW!

Tierra Wools, from their brochure

Crossing my fingers...that seemed to work. This time.


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