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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Harvest Socks and a Poll!

The Harvest Socks are finished!

Take a look:


See the little sheaves of wheat?

These photos are the most accurate for the color of these socks. I'm pleasantly surprised with the color and delighted with the pattern. It works really well with self-striping yarn.

But now I'm interested in toes. I've made the traditional toes and variations of the star toe. I find myself returning again and again to plain, smooth toes. When my sons were little, we had great crises (usually when running late to some appointment or other) relating to wrinkled socks. They just could not abide any kind of uneveness in the way their socks fit into their shoes. This resulted in many, many attempts to insert their feet into their shoes and get their socks perfectly smooth. I seem to have internalized their conflicts and now I'm a smooth sock fanatic.

I'm curious. Which toe do you prefer? The traditional (bottom left) or the smooth (top right)?

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