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Monday, October 16, 2006

Project Update

The Man Of The House had a birthday this weekend. Foolishly, all right, very foolishly, I decided last Friday to make him some gloves. Out of sock yarn. On size 1 needles. Oh, my.

You see, he's been asking for a sweater. Now, he doesn't wear sweaters. Nor does he particularly like presents. They usually end up hidden somewhere in the back of his closet.

I didn't really want to spend all those hours knitting a sweater for it to end up in the back of the closet.

Thus, gloves.

Kind of like a test case. Except I misjudged or was overly
optomistic about how long they'd take to knit.
I ended up staying up very late.

We'll see if they take up residence in the closet.

While the mad dash to complete the gloves was on, my harvest/Halloween socks had to come off the needles temporarily.

I guess photographing these on an orange background wasn't such a great idea. My camera seemed to be confused about what to focus on.

I love the wrapped stitches on these socks - they look like little sheaves of wheat - hence, harvest socks. I'm liking my 'mistake' dyed yarn better than I thought I would. It looks much better worked up than it did in the skein.

Since I couldn't knit on the gloves when The Man Of The House was around and awake, and my harvest socks didn't have needles, I had to start a new project. Since October is both Socktoberfest and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seemed natural that I was attracted to this yarn and project:

The cables look like arms and legs to me (when the sock is right side up), so I've named these Little People socks. Remember, I was a first grade teacher.

And last, my forlorn sari purse. The knitting has been finished for some time, then I had to search out some interfacing. I have everything now; I'm just putting off actually getting out the sewing machine. It's on the floor of the linen closet, in the back, behind the vacuum and under the extra pillows. You see why I haven't unearthed it yet.


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