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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Technical Woes Ad Nauseum

I know, I know, I'm whining again. My sons think I'm tech savvy - and they're of the generation that grew up with computers! I can't figure out why I keep having such trouble, but trouble I have. Again.
I owe apologies to those who've tried to open my sock tutorial, Part One. I tested it and I can open it, so I thought everyone could. However, that is apparently not the case. I've e-mailed tech support for the site that is storing my PDF, but have not received a reply. Apparently the default is a private, non-sharing setting. I found the directions for changing the setting, but they don't correspond to the actual design of the site. So, the file is there - you just can't see it! I'm working on finding another place to host this thing, in case tech support never gets back to me. At least I've found one place that won't be hosting my website whenever I get to that point.
In the meantime, I've been working on Part Two - the heel flap and gusset. The model is finished, the pictures taken. Next up - editing the pics, writing the text, converting the file and...finding a place to put it up! There are too many pictures for blogger to handle, so I'm not posting it here.
Also in the works - I've been editing, re-editing, math checking, formatting and reformatting several of my patterns, getting ready for publication.
Here's where the tech thing rears its ugly head again. I worked really hard to format a template for my sock patterns. I liked the idea of a brochure format. In spite of past experience with the trials of designing publications in brochure form, I just insisted that this time would be different. Not. While I like the idea, the finished product just didn't seem user friendly, so it's a no go.
Okay, no brochure. How about a leaflet? Not quite as portable, but easier to read. So I did the layout, messed and messed with styles and graphics and finally arrived at a test version. Hit print. Uh, oh - no leaflet. Single pages printed on one half of the top side. Turns out only the most recent software is capable of printing the leaflet. Not including my own. I can set it up, but I can't print it. Well, if I can't, how many others can't either? Not the way to go. Anyway, two sided printing requires the purchaser to do too much work.
So, I'm back to plain old standard paper size, one side. I'm disappointed, because it's just not as special, but it's more important that it works, right?
I have learned from my travails. It occured to me that the fonts that I use may not be the fonts that are available on other's computers. I'm checking that one out now. The formatting also must be tested - does it actually arrive looking/reading the way it should? Are the pictures still pictures and not gobbledy gook? My sons each have different computer set-ups, so I'll be sending to them as tests, and perhaps I can ask some other knitters as well. No offense to the men, but as non-knitters, they might not spot some text problems.
In the meantime, on the knitting front, I've sized my Waving Hands Half-Gloves for women. The first sample left hand is almost finished. I need to knit these again in a solid so the pattern will photograph!
Arrrgggghhhh! Apparently blogger isn't going to let me add photos from any source today!
(runs screaming from the room)


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