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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I left my heart...

I know, cheesy, cheesy. I couldn't resist since today is San Fransico. I only had time for one shop, but what a shop! We went to Artfibers downtown. It was kind of hard for an out-of-towner to find and I always get the willies in San Fransisco traffic anyway. I guess it's adding those spectacular hills into the mix, for I'm surely used to traffic from all those years of living in Houston.

Finally, I spotted the pink sign kind of in the middle of the picture and we were lucky enough to park right there. I could have sworn that there was a joker waving at the camera when I took this picture, but lo and behold - he isn't in it! Where'd he go?

The front door - inviting, but, uh...where's the shop?

Down the hall and around the corner, another door, a little less inviting. With an arrow pointing up the stairs. Okay, I get it now. This is like New York. I could feel The Man Of The House getting restless behind me (neither ABQ nor Houston has much in the way of downtown retail) so up the stairs I went. Quickly, before he changed his mind.

And this is a portion of what we found at the top of the stairs. Lots and Lots of fabulous, original fibers. This store has its own mill and the yarns are exclusive to it. And, wow, what yarns they are - and at reasonable prices. I was salivating heavily and my mind was whirling with ideas. I could camp out here for at least half a day!

I guess I'm not the only one - they sure are ready for us. The chairs (and someone else's DH) are what they call the Yarn Tasting area. There are drawers with samples of the yarns they carry and you're free to sit and try them out. [I saw today on Make 1 Yarn Studio's blog that they have Yarn Tasting classes - both great ideas...when I have my own shop...hmmm...]

In the foreground, you see the computer work station where the owner will custom design a pattern for you. She also sells the design software, Knitscape. This was a new one to me. Anyone tried it?

The view from the window. Don't you just love the way it opens?

For the KnitTalkers among you: here is a photo of the sleeveless cotton top I've been talking about (in the process of re-knitting).

Oh, and I almost forgot... my Artfibers purchase - amazing lace weight in a gorgeous teal.

Finally, today I have for you Mt. Shasta, seen from the town of the same name...


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