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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Look, Ma...

I'm spinning! I finally had my first spinning class yesterday. Actually, it was pretty much a spinning lesson, as the class consisted of two students. It's held at Good Fibrations! in Edgewood, NM. I've been waiting for this since the East Mountain Fiber Tour a couple of months ago.

Bethe, the owner of the shop and teacher of the class, was soooo patient with me. The other student is a natural and was instantly spinning like a pro. Me, well...let's say my spindle is very durable. It hit the floor quite a bit - spinning too tightly, spinning too loosely, just coming undone for reasons unknown. My old hairdressing days are coming back to haunt me - I have a habit of combing the roving with my fingers instead of drafting. But I loved it! I knew I would! Bethe kept reassuring me that I'd get it, don't give up, but I wasn't discouraged. I'm always slowww at picking up anything requiring co-ordination. You should have seen me trying to learn how to drive a stick!

Look at all the roving I brought home to practice with! This class is amazing, Bethe lent us spindles and supplies all the fiber we need to practice.

My first spun yarn! As they say, it needs work, but I can't wait until I get this. The muscles better hurry up and develop their memories.

I was thinking last night about my fiber interests - knitting, dyeing, spinning (and I can crochet, tat, embroider, needlepoint, quilt, sew - did I leave anything out?). Why am I not interested in weaving? After all, NM is a treasure trove of weavers. I can appreciate the beauty of some of the looms I've seen, but I have no burning desire to learn how to use one. Why is that? I'm guessing that it's because there seems to me to be a remove between the artist and the fiber. The loom is kind of a machine that the weaver manipulates to create the fabric. I need the tactile sensation of the wool sliding between my fingers. I often decide which project to work on by what my hands need to feel. Seriously, some days they need the comfort of worsted weight wool and others the lightness of sock yarn or lace. Perhaps this is why I have to push myself to get out the sewing machine these days...What do you think?

Wellll...Blogger won't let me add any more pictures to this post, I've tried and tried, so here it is...


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