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Friday, November 10, 2006

Cool Stuff

Do you get Knitter's Review? It's an weekly online newsletter that specializes, as the name suggests, in reviewing knitting related products. I've learned about all kinds of new yarns, needles, and books through Clara Park's articles. If the name is familiar, she also writes a column for one of the national knitting print magazines, but I can't remember which. Anyway, if you don't already suscribe, you should. Find it here.
This week was the first time since I've suscribed that the article was a how-to. I'm nutso about how-to's. Most of my reading material is provided by the public library and I never buy novels, even though I'm always reading a stack of them. How-to books are another matter altogether, though. I'll buy a how-to do something or other book just in case. You know, maybe someday I'll need to know something, and here, in this really nifty book, right here, are the directions. You just never know what might come in handy.
As a result, I have 8 (yes, eight) tall, wide, floor to almost ceiling bookcases in my house. Full. And more children's books packed away. My husband despairs. My kids give me Amazon gift certificates.
But I digress. The Knitter's Review how-to... how to make your own circular needles! Yes! Just what I needed. I joked this summer to a LYSO that I spin, dye, design and knit my own creations and I have 0 interest in weaving, so I do just about everything fiber related. She retorted that it was time I got some sheep. ABQ is kind of country, at least compared to Houston, but I think even ABQ would object to a flock of sheep in the middle of the city. Not to mention that there is not blade one of grass in our yard - the local thing here in the desert is landscaping with different colored rocks. I kid you not, our backyard is two tones of rock - pink and grey - separated by a serpentine marble rock border. Not conducive to livestock.
Oh yes, back to the circs - well, I just never thought of making my own knitting implements. However, after reading this, I just may have to. I wish the Man Of The House had not given away my drill. It was nice and slow and I could control it. His is so fast and has too many dials and things. To my mind, dials and adjustments do not belong on a drill. I may be ancient, or Luddite, but I grew up drilling with a hand drill. No power. Yes, there really was such a thing and I do know how to use one.
Here is the URL for the article with the directions:

You know you're going to have to try it!


Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I love the Knitter's Review, their reviews are so helpful and pratical!

November 13, 2006 5:34 AM  

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