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Monday, November 13, 2006

More Great Stuff Online

Online newsletters tend to come and go. Some are interesting and it's too bad that they don't make it. (What's up with SpunMag, by the way? Anyone know?) Some that last are simply promotional devices for some manufacturer or distributer or other. Nothing against these - they can be quite useful, but I really enjoy those that are written/edited by real knitters. People that I can identify with, whose interests also interest me.
One of these is Fiber Femmes. This is the third issue and it just gets better. I'm a big skimmer, especially on the computer. Reading from a monitor is just not conducive to concentration, at least not for me. It's a good thing I finished school before the technology wave hit big - I'd be in trouble if all I had was an e-book to study from. But the other day, when I opened the November/December issue of FF, I'd lost a couple of hours before I knew it. Not that I'm complaining, don't get me wrong.
The catch phrase on each page is "Great Women Building a Gracious World" and that's just a perfect description of what's going on here. The newsletter truly gives a sense of community, of a world community in fiber. The articles range from focusing on events in NM, to a travel review ofRomania and a class description of felting in Spain. It's so refreshing to get outside our US-centric comfort zone.
There is also a focus on the small fiber business - those family/farm based firms founded on passion and determination. I have a particular fondness for these and try to support the small enterprises whenever possible. Each issue of Fiber Femmes has profiles of some of these independents. I love how they come to life - that sense of community again.
Visually, I find this magazine to be a feast. I'm kind of weird that way - I'll describe a movie in terms of the colors the set designer focused on, the beauty of the photography, the fabrics of the costumes. I miss the plot line in TV shows because I'm appreciating the decor of the 'room' in which the action is happening. Or the sweaters the actors wearing! I always find something interesting to look at in FF. This month, it was the pictures of Romania. Just luscious! Go look!


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