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Monday, November 27, 2006


What Thanksgiving?
Not that I'm not thankful - just not particularly thankful for this particular holiday this year.
A week ago, The Man Of The House came home with food poisoning. An especially virulent and nasty variety. Life As We Know It came to a screeching halt for two days.
Then I got it. Huh? Unless there is some food-borne pathogen contagion that I don't know about, it must have been some ugly stomach virus (we hadn't eaten any of the same things).
Thanksgiving, I was prostrate on the bathroom floor. The Man, feeling better, went to spend the holiday with his mother. He did call to sympathize and offer to drive the 3 hours back in an emergency. I wouldn't have been much company, anyway.
Here it is, Monday, and I'm just starting to be able to look at food. The head is still pounding, and... I haven't knit a thing! I must be sick or something!
Hope your Holiday was much better.
Oh, yes, and I'm thankful that the Aggies won! (the Texas Aggies over UT!!!) Yay!



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