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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wind is Howling

and winter is definitely on its way. But I'm ready!

This is the first time I've worn gloves in the house (remember, I lived in Houston for centuries). I have to admit, though, these are pretty cool, er, rather warm.

This is the Waving Hands pattern made in that yarn I dyed last week. I had thought I'd wait a little before knitting them, but I just couldn't resist. Also, I had tweaked the left hand pattern and wanted to test knit it again. It's written up, both for men and women, just needs formatting - I'm working on that today. I know that there's an easier way than the way I'm doing this formatting, but I just can't seem to get it. So, since I want to get this up soon, I've chosen to concentrate on the pattern writing rather than the technology for now.

I also finished the Fiesta shawl. It's a Faroese style shawl worked from the bottom up. When I first started this shawl, I was thinking about our then up-coming trip to California and the cool evening breezes on the coast. Think cream linen slacks and shell. This time of year, how about a black turtleneck and those new-again skinny black pants? Perfect for those is it dressy or is it casual occasions.

And it only took 3 evenings to knit!

I'm calling it the Holiday Shawl. I've already picked out some less expensive stash yarn to make it again.

I'd been saving a pile of gorgeous leaves in my backyard just to photograph this shawl. For a backdrop, I mean. With the wind today, there's no way to photograph outdoors. I keep going to the window to check on my leaf pile. How weird - usually I'd be hoping they'd blow away - I hate to rake! Not the raking, exactly, the scooping up and putting in the trash bag part. I always end up with spiders crawling on me after that task and I'm allergic to spider bites. Today, I'm checking to see that they've stayed put - I want that photo!


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