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Thursday, August 31, 2006


What's this about, you ask? Good question!
I've been collecting containers recently. And taking them apart. Isn't it interesting how such bizarre shapes can be folded into simple rectangular boxes?
Why am I doing this?
Hmmm....because....well, I don't know.
They just seem to have caught my attention. Back when I was in school, when this type of thing happened, whatever the item of interest was, it started to appear in some form or other in my paintings or photographs. I wonder what's percolating in my mind?


Yesterday was my last spinning class and we learned how to ply our singles. This was fun! I was trying to use a single treadle wheel and the operative word is trying. I appear to be solidly biped. First I tried to use two feet on one treadle, though I had my feet in an incorrect position. I tried to correct my foot position, but my feet didn't like it. Eventually, I settled on treadling with my left foot and using my right big toe to kind of nudge the drive shaft in the proper direction. Not orthodox procedure.

This is the yarn that resulted. I wound it up on the niddy-noddy and said that I wished it were red. Bethe suggested I dye it and I think I might. The two tones would make an interesting red.

Speaking of red >>>

This is some recycled sari yarn that has worked it's way out of the stash and onto my desk. I'm thinking of a purse. I like to have a small, lightweight, purse to take to museums, Santa Fe, and generally places that I'll be standing or walking a lot and my leather purse is too heavy.

Interesting...red and containers. I wonder what's going on in there? When my brain lets me know....


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