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Friday, September 15, 2006

Ho, hum...

This has been a draggy kind of week. Monday started out OK and I got a good start on my to-do list. It's been downhill from there, though.

I finally remembered yesterday that this always happens around my birthday. It's weird. Something goes on in my subconscious that has never made it to the surface. Since I was raised to be a human-doing rather than being, these periods are doubly confusing. The birthday was yesterday, so I sure hope this stuff will be over soon. Like today!

On the knitting front, thank you, Scout! I'm fortunate that Scout works at my LYS. She read my blog yesterday (about the yarn that ended before the project did) and offered to check for the final skein I needed. Yes! They did have it and it is on hold for me. Great!

But I had nothing to knit on last night.

So I spun. Almost a full bobbin.

And I still have a half bag of this roving!

Look at the label - I started out with 4 ounces. My bobbin is supposed to hold 3-4 ounces. Okay, not all fibers weigh the same, obviously. So, it seems that I should get two full bobbins out of 4 ounces on merino/silk. I'll measure it on my niddy-noddy to get the yardage, but I know already that it's more than I expected.

On the other hand, I've been investigating some churro yarn to dye. The recommended sock yarn is 1000 yards to the pound. That seems like a worsted weight to me. And when I compare to the merino/silk...how much difference is there between fibers?

I'm so impatient. I'll have to spin the other bobbin and ply and niddy-noddy (is that a verb?) and count and skein while I wait for the churro to arrive and then I guess I'll have to dye and knit each fiber to figure out how they compare and the yardage/pound thing. I want to know now!

I've also started on this. It's the recycled sari yarn that I bought at the Santa Fe Rag Rug Show from the Espanola Fiber Arts Center. I've been thinking about containers and their shapes for a while and how to get the shape purse I want out of this yarn. I know just how I would sew it, but I don't want to sew it, I want to knit it. (willfull, I know) Yesterday, I finally figured it out and it's so easy, it's embarrassing. Swatched, cast on, and...wait for it...after knitting this far, about, oh, 1/3 to 1/2 way...I'm looking at the ball...and...I pretty sure I'm going to have to figure a way to finish in another yarn. Will I never learn?

And, while I really like the fabric I'm knitting with this stuff, it's not particularly easy to work with. Each stitch must be quite deliberately knit. Somehow it's both overspun and unravelling at the same time. And, look at my fingers - is that the red dye coming off? Will it keep coming off - like on my clothes when I carry this purse? I had a purple fabric purse that I bought on Venice Beach years ago and it left the shoulders and hips of my shirts striped purple for quite a while. I finally soaked it in hot salt water and it stopped. Looks like this purse will need a similar trip through water before I use it.

Back to work...


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