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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tid Bits

Today is a day of waiting. Since I am a naturally impatient person, days like this are difficult. I like to get things done...now!

I'm waiting on my birthday present. Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds. I know what it is, I was there when it was ordered, it's not simply that I'm greedy. It came in today...Yay! But, I have to wait until tomorrow to go and pick it up. Oh, my, the hard life. You'll see why I'm having such a hard time waiting...tomorrow.

I'm also waiting on Fed-Ex. Now that we are a gated property, and I'm the designated gate-keeper, Fed-Ex can't deliver unless I let them in. They're supposed to be here 'guaranteed by 4:30' today. Since I've already bugged the shipper about this order, I'm feeling guilty about being here today, as in this afternoon, to let the poor guy in.

Next, I'm waiting on my top to dry. The one I've decided to submit to Interweave Knits. I washed it yesterday prior to photographing it for the submission package. The Man Of The House looked at the photo I have and declared that it must be true about the camera putting on 10 pounds, didn't I look heavy? Well, not going to use that photo. Not that model either. Any volunteers? If no one turns up, I guess I just put it on the wicker stand. Anyway, I washed it, blotted the moisture with a towel and left it on a rack to dry overnight. It didn't. It didn't appear to dry at all. It's cotton, and cotton knitted garments tend to grow, sooo...I threw it in the dryer.
(I hear a sharp intake of breath) Told you I'm impatient. I'm also still waiting. Forty minutes in the dryer and the skirt is bone dry. But the bodice...still damp.Waiting.

Waiting to go to restaurant suppliers tomorrow. I'm anxious to set up my dye kitchen. I miss the smell of wet wool, what can I tell you. I've e-mailed about some special yarn I can't wait to dye and- you guessed it- I'm waiting for an answer. In the meantime, I'm searching for some non-reactive 5 gallon pots. Yep, gallon, not quart. And a large strainer. And probably some sort of tarp or something since I sure can't lift 5 gallons of hot water, so plenty of bailing is likely to occur. And most likely, all that bailing will lead to at least some spilling, and thus the tarp.

You'd think that I could do something productive while I wait. Bake the baked oatmeal that I've been working out the recipe for (the restaurant in CA ignored my request for the recipe, so I decided I'd come up with my own). Finish the heel and foot on the second Lollipop sock. Write up the backlog of patterns that I've knitted and noted but not formatted so someone other that me can knit them. Clean house. Study some of the dye, spinning, knitting reference books that are multiplying around here. Nah...I'll just wait.


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